AppsSupport™ Outsourced Oracle Support and/or Internal Audit Services

The application system administration processes include many critical components to any Oracle implementation. Despite this importance, however, many of the associated processes are not defined or addressed as part of the implementation. Oftentimes, an outside consultant working as part of the implementation team will serve in this capacity throughout the Oracle project. As a result, this lack of internal resource knowledge can lead to a breakdown in a key application and control environment component.

Additionally, the implementation of a new system presents the Company's Internal Auditors or Controls Compliance Groups, with the daunting task of learning and understanding the new system to effectively and efficiently assess the risk and review and test the systems controls.

To address these important needs, our AppsSupport™ service is designed to bridge the gap between the Oracle integrator and user community during the implementation, while providing on-going support and knowledge transfer after the implementation is complete. Based on our consultants' extensive expertise, our AppsSupport™ services may also include System Administrator and/or Internal Audit support type activities.

Appssurance Activities:

  • System Administrator
    • Ongoing User Access Maintenance and Monitoring
    • Maintenance of Responsibilities and Report Groups
    • Configuration Maintenance
    • Management of Application Security Reporting and Issues
    • Design and document Oracle System Administration Policies and Procedures
    • Design and document Oracle Applications support organization policies and procedures (e.g., user access, application change control).

  • Internal Audit
    • Document and perform Oracle Security and Controls Audit Testing on behalf of Internal Audit
    • Provide Oracle Audit Training Sessions

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