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The implementation or upgrade of Enterprise Applications, including the Oracle E-Business Suite, oftentimes accompanies significant changes in the organization, the business processes and the underlying technology. With these changes comes an increase in the risks that must be addressed. It is important when managing the risks surrounding the implementation of Enterprise Applications that all aspects of the security and control environment are assessed and addressed. Identified risks can be mitigated and process efficiencies can be gained through the proper implementation of business process improvement (including controls), application security, and technical infrastructure security. In addition, a sound data transformation strategy will ensure the integrity of converted data. This change is a daunting task for a company to undertake alone amid the more stringent external audit requirements as well as the requirements now mandated by Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory requirements.

At Appssurance our goal is to help companies implementing or upgrading Oracle applications take an enterprise-wide view of risks, which includes a Control Environment that encompasses business and industry risks, technology risks, and regulatory and compliance risks.

Addressing these risks help companies design and manage a secured and controlled Oracle applications environment. A properly controlled environment is one that management and the end-user community can rely on to produce accurate and complete financial reports through a proper balance of manual and automated controls. We strive to educate the end-user community and management of the availability and use of these controls. More importantly, we ensure these controls are properly designed, documented, tested and communicated. The proper design and education of the business procedures and application controls from Day 1 of your Oracle E-Business Suite implementation help companies manage and meet the operational needs of the business while also satisfying the requirements of the internal and external audit requirements and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance efforts.

Ultimately, as you progress through your Oracle integration efforts, Appssurance is there to provide application support and assurance that your Oracle environment is properly secure and controlled.

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